Sad news in Rochester

A vice-principal of a local school died by suicide this week.  He had gone missing last Friday and was found earlier today (read the story in the Democrat and Chronicle).  It is always shocking and confusing for survivors, but this is especially true when a more public figure dies.  Students at the high school and the whole community is in shock.  Suicide, even when there are warning signs is ultimately unpredictable.

I was interviewed by R-News today about what to tell survivors--in terms of understanding the death and in terms of resources.  The reporter said that many journalists are struggling with how to report the story in the most helpful way for the community and the family, because suicide deaths often do not get the extensive coverage that this story demands (since Mr. Thurston's disappearance was so public and his discovery so dramatic).

I'm sad about this death, and pleased about how the school, the community, and the news media have been handling the matter.